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Job Analysis/Video Job Analysis

 Provides a comprehensive and objective understanding/overview of the essential job tasks/functions, physical demands/requirements and environmental factors of various job roles. This information is used by doctors, therapist for return to work planning & determining whether an injured employee can perform the necessary tasks upon return to work or if accommodations are needed, and can assist medical professionals understand how the job may have contributed to an injury.

Occupational Clinic Design & Setup

Setting up occupational clinics and designing a comprehensive program requires careful planning, collaboration, and attention to various elements.We find/match key qualified occupational clinic partners focused on the health and wellness of workers, that understand work-related injuries & illnesses, while promoting preventive care in the workplace.

Physical Therapy Assessments & Consultations

Physical therapy assessments in workers compensation  are essential for documenting the  progress, determining appropriate treatments, and facilitating return to work, whether modified duty or full duty in a safe and timely manner.This can be an internal review  of the injured worker's condition, medicals, contact with treating therapist to develop recommendations for treatment and rehabilitation & physical capabilities conducted by an EagleOne therapist or coordination of a one time independent therapy assessment. 

Pre/Post Medicare Set Aside (MSA) Reviews

Pre/Post Medicare Set Aside (MSA) reviews are conducted by nurses to assess medical records and treatment plans related to a Medicare beneficiary's work-related injury or illness to ensure that there is a complete and accurate medical file protecting the interests of both the injured individual and the Medicare program.

Legacy Claim Assessments or Tail Claim Analysis & Medical Closure Projects

Legacy claim assessments/ tail claim analysis/ medical closure projects are conducted by EagleOne nurses, and involve the review and evaluation of old or "legacy" workers' compensation claims to determine their medical status. Nurses assess and collaborate with healthcare providers and stakeholders to establish an appropriate medical closure plan including review of past medical treatment and interventions to understand the course of recovery or any unresolved medical issues and recommendations. A complete summary is thoroughly documented and unrelated medical identified and noted.

Certified Home Assessments & Modifications

Certified home assessments and modifications for workers' compensation is the evaluation and altering of an injured worker's home environment to accommodate their specific medical needs following a work-related injury or illness while creating a safe and accessible living space that supports their recovery and ability to perform daily activities independently.

Work to Recovery

Studies have shown that the longer an injured employee is out of work, the more detrimental it is to their health, well-being, career, and overall outlook on life. Our Work-to-Recovery program is our nationally acclaimed interim transitional return-to-work program. It's a fully customizable program that places injured employees into charitable, volunteer, and not-for-profit organizations.

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