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Comprehensive Solutions

Our expertise and commitment to excellence allows us to cater to the unique needs of our clients.  From national telephonic and field case management to catastrophic and specialized consultation services, our solutions are designed to optimize outcomes. With EagleOne, you can trust in our comprehensive approach to case management, ensuring high-quality care and exceptional results.

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What we offer

Since 1991, EagleOne offers a customized approach to medical case management providing national  solutions for our clients’ Worker’s Compensation programs. Our purpose is to impact every life we touch through Patient Focused Care, Superior Service, and Exceptional Outcomes. EagleOne relies on our core values—Collaborative in Nature, Treating Everyone with Respect, Do the Right Thing, and Commitment to Excellence—to guide our daily decisions.

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Nurse Case Management

We understand that being injured is difficult and disruptive to anyone’s routine. At EagleOne, our commitment is to ensure that all injured employees have access to the highest quality healthcare resources, facilitating their fastest possible recovery. Our seasoned case managers approach their patients with utmost respect, treating each individual as they would their own family member. We are your trusted partner and by choosing EagleOne, you can realize expedited treatment with top-tier providers, minimized delays, transparent communication, fewer days of lost productivity, and reduced overall claim costs.The efficacy, training, expertise, and medical knowledge of our case managers form the cornerstone of the exceptional care and service we deliver. Our suite of medical case management services includes Early Intervention, Telephonic, Field, Catastrophic, Task, and bilingual support.

The efficiency, training, expertise and medical knowledge of our nurse case managers are what make the difference in the care and service we provide.

24/7 Nurse Triage

Accidents can happen anytime, anywhere, and when it comes to workplace injuries, prompt and proper handling is crucial. That's where our 24/7 triage services come in. By providing immediate assistance to your employees, moments after an injury occurs, we are able to streamline your workers compensation reporting and documentation process, improve patient satisfaction and proactively reduce costs.

Specialized Consultation

As your dedicated partner, we are continually looking at ways to enhance your programs performance and achieve your long term financial goals while improving the overall health and recovery of your employees. Our valued added, fully customized service offering includes:

  • Video Job Analysis
  • Occupational Clinic Design & Set up
  • Physical Therapy Assessments
  • Pre/Post Medicare Set Aside (MSA) reviews
  • Legacy Claim Assessments
  • Certified Home Assessment & Modifications
  • Work-To-Recovery

Partner with EagleOne

Experience the difference and unlock the benefits of our comprehensive medical case management services and compassionate care. Let us help you optimize outcomes, reduce costs, and provide the highest level of support for your injured employees.