Nurse Case Management

We understand that being injured is difficult and disruptive to anyone’s routine. At EagleOne, our commitment is to ensure that all injured employees have access to the highest quality healthcare resources, facilitating their fastest possible recovery. Our seasoned case managers approach their patients with utmost respect, treating each individual as they would their own family member. We are your trusted partner and by choosing EagleOne, you can realize expedited treatment with top-tier providers, minimized delays, transparent communication, fewer days of lost productivity, and reduced overall claim costs.

The efficacy, training, expertise, and medical knowledge of our case managers form the cornerstone of the exceptional care and service we deliver. Our suite of medical case management services includes Early Intervention, Telephonic, Field, Catastrophic, Task, and bilingual support.

EagleOne Difference

What sets us apart

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Enhanced Injured Worker Experience

Our dedicated team of nurses are here to make a difference in an injured worker’s journey towards recovery. We establish trust, set clear treatment and return-to-work goals, and actively engage with injured workers to guide them through the process.

Our commitment is to ensure the best possible experience for our injured workers and their families. We work tirelessly to connect them with top-quality healthcare providers, reduce treatment delays, and serve as a valuable medical resource. EagleOne is dedicated to positively impacting every life we touch.

Improved Communication

Our EagleOne nurses serve as the central hub, facilitating seamless communication among all key stakeholders involved in a workers' compensation claim. This includes the injured worker, treating physicians, therapists, the employer, and the insurance adjuster.

One of our primary objectives is to ensure that every stakeholder is aligned and well-informed, ultimately leading to a significantly more efficient and effective claim recovery process.

Reduced Treatment Delays & Expedited Recovery

Our dedicated nurses take proactive measures to coordinate medical appointments, closely monitor treatment progress, and advocate, when appropriate,  for early diagnostic tests to facilitate accurate diagnosis at the onset. We expedite the path to recovery, minimize delays in the treatment process, and ultimately empower injured workers to regain their health and return to their lives with confidence.

Minimize Lost Time

By involving our nurses at an early stage in the claims process, we establish a collaborative effort to develop personalized return-to-work strategies that consider the injured worker’s physical capabilities, medical conditions, precise job functions and the employer’s modified duty program.  We prioritize open and honest communication with both the worker and their healthcare providers.

This proactive approach not only simplifies the process but also expedites the workers’ reintegration into the workforce.

Lower Litigation Rates

When EagleOne becomes involved in the claim process early on, the result is a more satisfied injured worker who is pleased with both the claim process and recovery journey. Their experience is marked by reduced treatment delays, access to quality healthcare providers, a quicker recovery and continuous open communication throughout their claim.

This approach is proven to prevent unnecessary litigation, ensuring a win-win for all parties involved.

Reduction in Overall Workers Compensation Claim Costs

At EagleOne, our approach is committed to achieving significant cost savings in workers’ compensation claims. We accomplish this by focusing on three key principles:

  • Early Intervention: We ensure injured workers receive prompt and high-quality medical care, which not only minimizes the severity of injuries but also reduces the need for extensive treatments.
  • Accountability: We hold all stakeholders to the highest industry treatment and recovery standards. This commitment ensures that care is based on evidence and medical necessity, preventing unnecessary costs.
  • Timely Return to Work: Our dedication to facilitating a timely return to work greatly reduces both medical and disability durations.

These combined efforts lead to accelerated recoveries and, ultimately, a substantial decrease in the overall costs associated with workers’ compensation claims. At EagleOne, we are fully committed to prioritizing the well-being of injured workers and safeguarding the financial health of our clients.

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