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General FAQ

Q: What happens after I submit a referral?

Our team will open a case in our system as soon as we receive your referral. We’ll will send a confirmation email to you with the assigned Case Manager’s contact information and a request for any additional information needed for the case.

Q: What are the recommended triggers to get an NCM involved?

Our triggers are customized for each individual program and we would be happy to set up a time to discuss in detail. Please reach out to

Q: Can EagleOne cover nationwide?

Yes! We employ licensed Case Managers nationwide. We take pride in growing with our clients and have expanded nationally to be able to service their needs and promote high quality consistent outcomes.

Q: Do you have specialists that you recommend for certain patients?

Yes. We'd be happy to provide recommendations for your case. We have developed national networks and relationships with the top medical providers in the country. Please reach out to us at

Work-To-Recovery FAQ

Q: What qualifies an injured employee for EagleOne’s Work-to-Recovery program placement?

WTR Program is qualified when his or her employer cannot accommodate modified duty restrictions resulting in an injured employee being off work for an extended period.

Q: Who pays the employee’s salary when placed at a not-for-profit?

The employee’s salary is usually continued by his or her employer for the amount of hours of the interim placement. The placement is considered a temporary modified duty assignment or extension of the employer while the employer cannot accommodate his current restrictions. Your insurance carrier can also continue Temporary Total Disability (TTD) or Temporary Partial Disability (TPD) benefits.

Q: How quickly can I expect placement to occur?

From the time EagleOne receives a file to placement, we allow 10 business days. Our goal is to place the injured employee as soon as possible. However, various factors can delay placement such as location (i.e. rural areas) and the employee’s skill set and capabilities, work restrictions and lack of information, etc.

Q: How far are placements made from the employee’s residence?

EagleOne attempts to place the injured employees within 30 miles from their homes. There are some circumstances such as in rural areas in which a greater distance might be necessary.

Q: Can we use this program when an employee lives in a rural area?

Yes, however rural areas might have a slight delay in placement time due to the limited not-for-profits in the area.

Q: Who explains the process to the injured employee?

It's preferred that the adjuster or employer explain the Work-to-Recovery placement program to the injured worker. If you need further information regarding the explanation, please contact the EagleOne Work-to-Recovery department at (630) 655-0800.

Q: What if the employee is injured while at the not-for-profit organization?

If an injury occurs while the employee is at the not-for-profit, the injury is the responsibility of the employer. There is no Worker’s Compensation claim filed under the not-for-profit. The re-injury is treated in the same manner as if the employee worked in a modified / transitional position within the employer location


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