Home Assessment & Modification Services

Certified Home Assessment and Modification Professional (CHAMP)

After a work injury, some aspects of a person’s life may change. If their job responsibilities are modified to accommodate their injury, why shouldn’t their home?

Some injuries may not impact moving back into or throughout an individual’s home after a serious injury. However, if an injury is severe enough to require a wheelchair, for example, will they still be able to get around or even into their home? Fortunately, EagleOne has solutions for these challenges. Modifications can be made to an injured workers home to allow them to navigate their everyday lives in the safest and most effective way possible.

Codi Mariscal is a Senior Nurse Case Manager handling Catastrophic and Complex cases for EagleOne. Codi is certified in performing home assessments as a Certified Home Assessment and Modification Professional (CHAMP). Codi’s role in performing home assessments is to evaluate the file, execute the initial scope of work and determine what is medically necessary to be altered, such as paths leading to a patient’s home, doorways and bathrooms. Suggestions are then provided for home modifications tailored to the specific needs of the individual.

Contractors work with us, collaborating to make approved home modification decisions while keeping unnecessary expenses from being added to the claim file.  For example, expanding the door to an extra bedroom that the injured worker would never use. The modifications are designed to help the person perform everyday life activities, not to make unnecessary costly updates to their home.  

When making home modifications, it is important to keep the needs of the injured worker the main focus. Having an experienced, caring CHAMP professional, like Codi, involved in the process ensures the needs of the injured worker are being met. To schedule your home assessment, contact us today at 630-655-0800.